Shark cage diving, get up close and personal at Aliwal ShoalA caged shark dive is safe, even for non-swimmers! The shoal is a rocky reef comprising of an ancient sand dune, that disappeared under the waves in the last ice age, many thousands of years ago. It’s been rated as one of the best sub-tropical dive sites worldwide.

Scan the waters to sight swift blades of shark fins cutting through, heading towards you. Submerged in your cage, observe the mesmerizing Great White, Tiger and Bull Shark move perfectly around you,

An experience, hard to beat and one to measure any other adventure against, forever.


For deep sea fishing with expert guides. Travel to deep open waters at dusk, as the sun rises it creates a golden highway where you anticipate a monstrous catch. Experience the Adrenalin of reeling in game fish such as Marlin, Yellowfin Tune and Dorodo. With luck, the experience is further heightened by the appearance of whales and dolphins in the distance.

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